Insect and Disease Control

When it comes to Insect and Disease control, there are hundreds of options. It can seem overwhelming at first but over time, and with some patience, it will narrow down to a select few favorites. Each gardener has their own preference on treatments. Some prefer using harsh, toxic chemicals that can not only damage the soil quality and kill beneficial insects, it can also be dangerous for humans as well. While some prefer a more natural option, where it targets specific insects and diseases, and doesn’t have any damaging effects to nature or yourself.

Insect Control

Captain Jack’s Deadbug by Bonide is an outdoor use only insecticide that will kill around 100 different type of insects including bagworms, borers, beetles, spider mites, tent caterpillar, and more. It is an organic formula that is safe to use up to day of harvest (but do make sure to wash your fruits and vegetables still). The active ingredient is Spinosa, which is a naturally-occurring bacteria that is used worldwide in other organic insecticides.

Insecticidal Super Soap by Bonide is an organic spray that can be used in homes, gardens, and greenhouses. It’s an even safer option than Deadbug, but only kills 32 different insects. Insecticidal Super Soap is effective in two ways: by spray and by ingestion. Keep in mind that whenever a rain happens, you will need to reapply the spray since it does wash off easier than other sprays.

Disease Control

Copper fungicide and Fung-onil are essentially identical except… Copper fungicide’s main ingredient is Copper, whereas Fung-onil’s main ingredient is Cholothalonil. Another difference is that Copper Fungicide is an organic spray and Fung-onil is not organic. They both do the trick greatly for when is comes to diseases, but…do keep in mind that copper fungicide can be more beneficial for certain plants whereas Fung-onil can be more beneficial elsewhere. Look at the label and make sure your plant can have either one or the other.