Winterize Amsonia

February 7th, 2021 – By J. L. Wells

In the late fall, before your first average frost, make sure the base of the plant is covered; especially when newly planted (sometime that summer). You can use mulch, chopped leaves, or straw/hay, whichever you are most comfortable with.

In other posts I have talked about watering. This goes for all of the plants you have outdoors (perennials and shrubs). Mild winters may require watering ONCE or TWICE, but it is not required. Cold winters require zero watering as the plant(s) are now in a dormancy state.

When the late winter approaches and the threat for frost has subsided, now is the time cut back the plant, leaving 8 inches. The coverings can also be moved, but leave a very loose amount just in case there is an unexpected frost, which could very well happen!

Amsonia is a smaller growing bush plant, spreading in weight 2-3ft and climbing up to 3ft. They are perfect for gardens where you want a lower laying design and 3ft is your maximum height. Their baby blue flowers will certainly grab many eyes!

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