Winterize Sedum (stonecrop)

January 29th, 2021 – By J. L. Wells

Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’

Welcome and today I will talk about winterizing sedums, or stonecrop. They are insanely drought tolerant but remember that it takes a newly planted sedum a few years to fully become drought tolerant. They must establish their root system first. Also keep in mind that just because they are drought tolerant doesn’t mean you shouldn’t water them.

Anyways, that is something for another post. To winterize your sedum, you don’t have to do much. Cover the base of the plant with the coverings you prefer and wait until late winter or early spring to cut down the dead. If you are having a mild winter, check up on the condition of the coverings to make sure it isn’t too packed down or else root rot, mold, fungus, or some kind of disease could form. You want to make sure air can still flow through but not enough to freeze the roots.

Spring is starting to slowly ascend and now is a good time to clean up. Make sure your average last frost is over with, and remove the coverings and cut down the dead (if you didn’t do this during late fall). When nighttime temperatures are at least 50F/10C, in the morning give it its first dose of fertilizer to stimulate the roots and encourage growth! Wait a month and give it another dose then repeat every 3 weeks until about October, or your first average frost. {{{{Refer to future link to full description of Sedum}}}}

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